Cop Terminology and Slang

"Bag Man" Term for an OC leader
"Baked" Burned
"Bird" A helicopter of the MPD's Aviation Unit
"Blitzed" Drug Raid
"Boney" Corpse
"Boss" Term for senior officers from Lieutenant (in certain units) and up
"Bow & Arrow Squad" A police officer who used his weapon in the l ine of duty and is currently under review and unable to carry a weapon
"Bus" Ambulance
"Bust" Arrest

"Camel Stop" An unauthorized taxi stand where unlicensed livery cab drivers congregate
"Central" Central Dispatch downtown
"Chauffeur" driver of a Paddy wagon or Prisoner Transfer Unit truck
"Cold One" Corpse
"Creep" Anyone else (Besides the cops)
"Crisped" Burned

"Dealer" Drug Dealer
"DeeWee" The phonetic term for DWI, driving while intoxicated
"Desk Jockey" white collar business man, or officer on the Bow & Arrow Squad
"DT" street slang for detective
"Dough Boy" Street slang for a crook with money

"EDP" Emotionally Disturbed Person; known years ago by the less politically correct term 'psycho'
"EMS" Emergency Medical Services, the paramedic wing of the Metro City Fire Department

"Feds" Federal law enforcement agencies which sometimes work with the MPD.  Includes FBI,DEA,ATF,Secret Service, US Marshals Service
"Flatbacker" hooker, prostitute
"Five-O" street slang for police
"Fried" insane, unstable person
"Geeked" killed
"Good people" All purpose MPD compliment meaning 'kosher', nice, reliable, friendly, hardworking, etc., irrespective of race, religion or sexual orientation
"Going Down" To get arrested
"Green" Unwell, or expression of understanding
"Grifter" Con Artist
"Gun Run" Search for a weapon reported in the hands of a 'perp'
"HAZMAT" acronym for Hazardous Materials
"Headlining" A suspect with a wanted poster
"Hit" Tactical assualt on a criminal location.  To crooks; a try for someones life
"Holding Down" Drawing a weapon and aiming it
"Hustler" catch all for pimps, con artists, and general scum
"Iced" Killed
"Iceman" No emotions
"Inkman" White Collar guy, usually referring to the mob's lawyers, accountants etc.
"Jacket" Criminal file
"Job" A specific task or mission; also 'On the job' as in eg. "I've been on the job for five years"
"Jo/Joanna" Nobody
"Kid" the rookie cop, or most young people
 "Lowlife" unauthorized MPD term for 'perp'
"Maggot" unauthorized MPD term for 'perp'
"MOS" Member of Service, or police officer - an acronym used on precinct radios
"Mope" unauthorized MPD term for 'perp'
"Mutt" unauthorized MPD term for 'perp'

"OC" Organized Crime

"Package" An escorted prisoner or VIP
"Packing" Carrying a weapon
"Part Timer" Corp Cop or Bounty Hunter
"Pasta Boys" Mafia
"Paying the Rent" For police officers, the handing out of a certain number of traffic summonses and moving violations
"Pencil Neck" White Collar guy
"Perp" Perpetrator, criminal
"Pig" Cop
"Pin job" Extrication of trapped auto accident casualties

"Player" Big time criminal
"Punk" general street crooks
"Pull the pin, to" To retire

"Rabbi" An individual's guide and guardian angel in the Department
"Rat Squad" Officers and Detectives assigned to the Internal Affairs Bureau
"Red Menace" Unofficial term for the Metro City Fire Department
"Rip" A loss of pay due to a disciplinary action, eg. unauthorized moonlighting
"Ripped" Assaulted

"Scum" unauthorized MPD term for 'perp'
"Sheet" Criminal file
"Skel" Homeless vagrant
"Slag" unauthorized MPD term for 'perp'
"Slime" unauthorized MPD term for 'perp'
"Smelly" Corpse
"Spiked" Killed
"Sprung" Blown cover, or escaped custody with outside help.
"SS, The" unauthorized slang for the Special Services Division
"Sticks" Beat Cop
"Stiff" Corpse
"Suit" Corporate Type, straight man

"The Man" A persons immediate superior
"Torched" Burned
"Tough Guy" Muscle
"Trashed" Assaulted

"Wasted" Killed
"Waxed" Killed
"Whacked" Killed
"White Shirts" Term for bosses above the rank of Lieutenant, who all wear white shirts on the job
"Wise Guy" Mafia muscle
"Worm" Anyone else